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Kangal Festivals

Every year in July the town of Kangal holds its annual festival, which includes a celebration of the Kangal Dog. Hundreds of dogs are brought by their owners to be exhibited at the festival. Most of them are working dogs used by the local shepherds. Others are from further afield and may be guardians of livestock or of their owner’s family and property. Visitors converge on this small town from countries all over the world, including the USA, Russia, Australia and many European countries to admire the very best examples of this striking breed.


Kangal pups with their mothers exhibited in the grand parade of the 2003 Kangal Festival


Periodically the Governor of Kangal, in association with the Governorship of Sivas province and Sivas Cumhuriyet University, hosts an international symposium about the Kangal Dog. The first of these symposia took place in 2003 and the second in 2005.

Scientists, breeders and researchers present the latest findings about the breed and the symposium proceedings are published. These are a useful resource for anyone wishing to find out more about the dogs and copies may be obtained by contacting

2007 Rescue

Kangal rescue operation in Germany

On 25 August 2007 German veterinary services closed a Kangal breeding kennels in the north of the country. What had started as a hobby had escalated into a Kangal dog factory, with terrible consequences. A number of rescue groups and volunteers came together to remove about 120 dogs, some in relatively good condition, others starving, sick or injured. It was already too late for other dogs whose remains were found on site.

Rehabilitating and rehoming the survivors is a massive and continuing task for which funds and good Kangal owners are being sought. If you can help with a donation or a caring home for a Kangal dog, please contact Jutta Rosenkranz (who is an English speaker) e-mail at Kangal & Co., Germany,

Updates on the dogs available (Wir suchen ein Zuhause) and rehomed (Vermittelte Hunde) can be seen on the web site of the Herdenschutzhund-Service e.V., Hanover
who have a dedicated bank account for funds for this operation. Please donate to:
Keyword: kangal
Account No: 548 648 301
BLZ 251 900 01
Hannoversche Volksbank
IBAN: DE 85 25 19000 10 548 648 301

or you can send a donation by post:
c/o Jutta Rosenkranz
Wiesengrund 17
29413 Deutschhorst

All donors are acknowledged on the
Kangal & Co. web site.